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Integrate Built-in Side-Channel and Fault Injection Attack Protection

Into Your Existing System-on-Chip


FortiCrypt IP Cores are prebuilt cells of cryptographic modules that can be integrated into your system-on-chip (SoC) design to mitigate the SoC’s vulnerability to security attacks. FortiCrypt IP cores are protected against side-channel attacks and fault injection attacks, such as Differential Power Analysis Attacks, Electromagnetic Emission Analysis Attacks, Differential Fault Attack, Statistical Ineffective Fault attack and others. Side-channel attacks can extract cryptographic keys from target hardware — thus making the hardware unsecure — by analyzing its power consumption or electromagnetic emission. Fault injection attacks can extract keys by injecting functional faults into the hardware and observing the behavior.

By adding FortiCrypt IP Cores to an SoC you may reduce or eliminate the SCA (including Fault Injection) threat without spending the time, money, and effort to analyze and modify your SoC design.


The FortifyIQ family of ultra-high-performance engines is designed to provide
ultra-high bandwidth (up to 200 Gbps) AES calculations along with the strongest
protection against side-channel attacks and fault injection attacks in the industry.

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FortiCrypt AES Core

The AES IP Core for FPGA, IC, ASIC, and SoC applications provides
exceptional protection against side-channel and fault injection attacks.

FortiCrypt AES Core Advantages

FortiCrypt AES Core Advantages:

Side-channel attacks protected AES Core for hardware and software icon

Pure soft IP solution – no dependence on process technology.

Our exclusive protection method is completely unique: it does not rely on costly and complex technology-dependent approaches traditionally used to protect against side-channel attacks. Our solution is delivered as synthesizable RTL.

Side-channel attacks protected AES IP Core with smaller silicon surface area

Smaller silicon area.

It allows the reduction of required silicon area approximately by a factor of 4.

AES IP Core with faster microchip performance for protection against side-channel attacks

Faster performance.

In fact, our design is 5-20 times faster than the best commercial or academic designs.

AES Core not affected by place-and-route glitches for top side-channel attacks protection

Not sensitive to signal glitches
and variability.

Our protection performance is not affected by signal glitches and variability exhibited in physical implementation of the design.

IP Cores with no retesting required for exceptional protection against side-channel attacks

No retesting required.

There is no need to monitor performance or to retest our IP Cores when you make any changes to the environment or the tools used in chip design.

Cost effective side-channel attacks protected AES core

Cost-effective in the long run.

An easy-to-manage single integrated IP solution that is independent of the design environment will decrease your overhead costs.

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