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We Fortify Chips Against Side-Channel Attacks

FortifyIQ offers a pre-silicon hardware design evaluation and protection software suite advancing side-channel attack resistance.

We also provide side-channel attack-resistant IP Cores.

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Design side-channel vulnerability out of your hardware before you build it.

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Analyze side-channel vulnerability in your hardware before you build it.

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Integrate prebuilt side-channel attack protection into your existing system-on-chip.

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In the world of IoT, globalization, and tightening software security, hardware becomes an easier and more attractive target to break into

connected devices
by 2020

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61% of

had an IoT security

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in supply chain attacks

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73% of

are not ready for a
cyber attack


Compromised Hardware - a New Threat Landscape Darling

DPA (Differential Power Analysis) and FI (Fault Injection) attacks are easy to carry out and hard to detect.
Once your design is compromised, millions of affected chips and devices will need to be recalled.

Successful DPA and FI attacks will erode trust in device manufacturers.
Device makers can hold you responsible, leading to potentially devastating consequences and damages.

Why Today's Solutions Will Fail

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Follow hardware
security design
best practices

There is no protection against DPA and FI for as long as the power modulations can be measured.

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Early simulators were imprecise and quite inaccurate compared to actual power consumption.

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FPGA testing verifies logic and design of the chip and does not evaluate power consumption for vulnerabilities.

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secure element
to a 3rd party

When your chip is broken into, it will be you on the first page of the Wall Street Journal, not your outsourced vendor.

Can your security team...

  • Test your chip for DPA, SPA and FI attacks vulnerability prior to manufacturing your chip?
  • Pinpoint the precise location of vulnerability and receive a prompt on how to eliminate it, while still in design stage?
  • Mitigate or eliminate DPA threats for your existing system-on-chip by inserting pre-built cryptographic modules?

With FortifyIQ you will..

  • Accurately simulate the power consumption behavior of the microchip
  • Fortify future chip designs prior to production
  • Save money and time on testing & faulty production run cycles
  • Receive immediate recommendations on vulnerability remediation
  • Obtain complete control over the secure element in your product

Professor Adi Shamir, PhD.

The ‘S’ in RSA and Turing Prize Winner

— FortifyIQ’s solution has the potential of dramatically reducing the cost and delay associated with the manufacturing of DPA-protected devices…— This is an innovative solution to a really important problem, produced by a first-rate team of developers.Quote icon
Professor Adi Shamir, PhD, Hardware Security Expert
Global crypto keys in the IoT world and the threats they present

Global Security Keys, Ironically, Are the Key Factor of IoT Vulnerability

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Every device is vulnerable to side-channel attacks.

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